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Winged Wheel Podcast - A Detroit Red Wings Podcast

Jul 21, 2015

As we toil through a summer of riveting stories, we are thrust with the news of NHL Expansion! We then talk about everything else that happened in the hockey world..... yeah..... We got off topic a few times. Follow us on Twitter: @BradKrysko, @RyanHanaWWP, @HockeytownEvan RSS...

Jul 15, 2015

Disclaimer!! No Tim Horton's were harmed during the recording of this podcast. We'd try to explain this episode, we can't, there is no way, just listen. Follow us on Twitter: @BradKrysko, @RyanHanaWWP, @HockeytownEvan RSS Feed:

Jul 8, 2015

This Episode was something. We talked about Tarasenko's swanky new deal, Nyquist's contract situation, Slovakian hockey for some reason and a lot more. The Language is explicit. Quickly. You've been warned. Follow us on Twitter: @BradKrysko, @RyanHanaWWP, @HockeytownEvan RSS...

Jul 3, 2015

This is where the description would normally go..... but I'm uploading from work so just enjoy the damn episode! Follow us on Twitter: @BradKrysko, @RyanHanaWWP, @HockeytownEvan RSS Feed: