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Winged Wheel Podcast - A Detroit Red Wings Podcast

Dec 7, 2023

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Tune into this Ryan-less edition of the Winged Wheel Podcast where Evan and Brad run loose on Fabbri and the Wings playoff outlook

First, we recap the exciting Red Wings vs Canadians game on Saturday night with the Wings squeaking out an overtime win (5:00) and Walman's Griddy celebration (14:13). The boys go on to breakdown the big performance against the Buffalo Sabres (17:30).  

It is truly coming to light at this point in the season how split the Atlantic Division is and it's time to chat about real playoff chances for the Detroit Red Wings (31:47) as we make our way through the season

A quick look at some of the rosters being put forward for the World Juniors (43:30) including Nate Danielson, Trey Augustine, Anton Johansson and Axel Sandin Pellikka.

Finally, we wrap this episode up in Overtime (55:57) with some great questions including where Brad and Evan land on the Wings' All-Star options.

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