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Winged Wheel Podcast - A Detroit Red Wings Podcast

Feb 10, 2016

1-2-3...let's have fun! D-Boss has blessed the show with one of the best things to happen to Red Wings social media since Franzen discovered Instagram. In massive news for the show, it can now be announced that the Winged Wheel Podcast, and its handsome hosts, will be official contributors (and brave pioneers) in starting up The Wings Nation. The guys go on to discuss massive trades, rumours, beer, and why we hate/don't hate/hate Brad. Sign up for things, buy our stuff, put food on our table, and most of all, enjoy the show. Join The Wings Nation: Official WWP Apparel: Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: @BradKrysko, @RyanHanaWWP, @HockeytownEvan RSS Feed: All other inquiries/sponsors portal: