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Winged Wheel Podcast - A Detroit Red Wings Podcast

Nov 9, 2016

The Winged Wheel Podcast makes it down to Detroit for a special interview with former NHLers Jason Woolley and (albeit soft-spoken) Petr Klima. They also connect with the Director of Media Relations for the Detroit Red Wings Alumni, Erin from Rent the Joe, and some more of Woolley walking by and telling us all about "another f*****g W on the books, boys). Tune in to the first ever Winged Wheel Podcast interview with real, actual, tangible, important people, and enjoy all of the colo(u)rful insight from the special guests at the Joe. Website: Patreon: Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: @BradKrysko, @RyanHanaWWP, @HockeytownEvan RSS Feed: All other inquiries/sponsors portal: